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New Home Fellowship Group Beginning

A new home fellowship group is starting this Fall on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30. The new group will be studying and discussing the New Testament book of James. Anyone is welcome! Call Tim Hunt to sign up or ask further questions.

What are Home Fellowship Groups?

At EBF we believe that Home Fellowship Groups are vital to individual and church growth. Home Fellowship Groups meet at various times during the week, providing an opportunity for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship in a small group setting. Since we believe that the gospel is the power of God for our salvation, including our transformation, then home groups are where we bring the Word of God to each other by building relationships of dependent faith in Christ and interdependence upon one another.

What happens in Home Groups?

Each home group has its own individual format and character. Some groups are made up of a particular age group, while others are geared towards a specific interest, such as community outreach. Our home groups provide a time for study of Scripture and prayer, and some include a time for music and worship. Many EBF groups have regular dinners or other activities.

When and where do groups meet?

EBF Home Fellowship Groups meet during the week on different days and times, and in various locations, making it easier to match up with your schedule or geographic location. Some groups also provide child care.

What can I get out of Home Fellowship Group Meetings?

It can be difficult to connect with other believers and build supportive relationships when only gathering for Sunday morning worship service. In a home group people are able to seek the Lord together, hear His Word and wrestle with how it transforms their lives. They pray for each other’s needs, care for one another, and are missed when they are absent. Home Fellowship Groups can also provide invaluable support during those difficult times we all face. Becoming part of a small group will help us all grow in our joyful dependence upon Jesus.