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Mary Haag works with Overseas Missionary Fellowship and has been supported by EBF since 1989, when she first started missionary work in the Philippines. After a year of furlough, she has returned to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she serves in the needed area of social development. Please pray for her and send her a note of encouragement as she works hard to further the glory of God.

Mary on Counseling

Counseling is intense discipleship. It provides the amazing opportunity of meeting people in their darkest moments and bringing God’s presence there. My ministry includes providing personal counseling to mostly Cambodians, as well as training and mentoring Cambodians in this ministry of counseling.

Mary's Ministries

Mercy Medical Center

Mary's students at Mercy Medical Center

Mary meets weekly with a select group of seven staff at this Christian-based hospital to train in counseling. In addition, she is intensively training one of them as the primary counselor. Along with the counseling class, Mary meets with Sochea for supervision to discuss clients, and they also sometimes see clients together. She is also currently meeting with some staff at MMC for personal counseling.

Phnom Penh Bible School

Mary teaches a 3-credit class in basic counseling to 4th year bible school students.

International Christian Assembly

Mary has joined with two others to expand counseling services at the counseling office in the building at ICA. Jonathan Trotter shares Mary's heart for doing this ministry in the Khmer language for Cambodians. They are also joined by Moch Sovannara, who is a former student of Mary’s and who received an MA in counseling from Baylor University.

Mary on campus with her Royal University students Royal University of Phnom Penh

Mary meets informally with Christian psychology and Christian sociology students for training and mentoring.

Mary has introduced Sochea to U.S. traditions like pumpkin pie Pray for Mary

(note that for confidentiality reasons, initials are given instead of full client names)